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The Wouter Nolet Foundation (WNF) Carries Out Education and Health Care Projects in Sierra Leone


WNF offers scholarships to financially disadvantaged medical students in Sierra Leone, enabling them to undertake advanced trainings in one of the key disciplines: Surgery/Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.

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WNF is also involved in a Maternal Outreach Project (MOP) in which women in remote, rural areas in Sierra Leone get maternal health services and instruction on birth control.

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WNF receives donations from individuals and  foundations. Such donations and the way the money is spent on medical projects in Sierra Leone represent the major cornerstones of our philanthropy.

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You can make donations the easiest way by using Bank Transfer (refer to menu item ‘Donations’). Due to our ANBI status, five year periodic donations are fully tax deductible. One time donations are deductible only if exceeding a certain  threshold.