This page contains more information about the application procedure and what forms need to be submitted.


The Wouter Nolet Scholarship Fund (WNSF) supports the healthcare system in Sierra Leone by providing scholarships to financially disadvantaged students, enabling them to follow CapaCare’s Surgical Training Program (STP).

Non-pin coded

Clinical Health Officers (CHO’s), following the STP program, must provide for their own personal costs.  For some CHO’s, who have employment contracts in government hospitals (pin-coded), bearing their own expenses will not be a problem. However, others who are not employed by the government (non-pin coded) will not be able to participate in the STP program without outside financial support.

Amount of money

WNSF aims to cover the personal costs of these students, including housing, study materials, food, travel and tablet. The amount of scholarship for these CHO’s is valued at € 1,800 per year. The scholarship applies to the entire period of  the STP training of 3 years. Allowances will be paid in monthly parts of € 150 (being the equivalent of SLL 2 Mio), directly to the student.

The sponsored student has to account for his/her achievements by regularly reporting back to WNSF about his/her study results.


The nominated candidate may apply for scholarship if he/she meets the following pre-conditions:

  • Having passed the assessment of the CapaCare Surgical Training Program (STP)
  • Not receiving a governmental salary (non-pin coded)
  • Several years working experience in a relevant field of practice
  • Prepared to work in rural/disadvantaged settings after graduation
  • Prepared to participate in CapaCare research projects and ongoing data collection

A special committee will judge the application and give advice to the Wouter Nolet Scholarship Fund (WNSF) as to assign or reject the application.

WNSF operates as an independent NGO, apart from CapaCare. CapaCare only facilitates the local contacts and  communication with the candidates/students.

Procedure step by step

1. To start the application, the applicant should register first, using the digital application form.

2. Additionally, accompanying documents can be uploaded, including:

Motivation Letter (max 2MB)

Curriculum Vitae (max 2MB)

Introduction Video (max 20MB)

3. By submitting the digital application form, the applicant declares to have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions enclosed.

4. If necessary, WNSF may ask additional information via E-mail.

5. Upon receipt of the application (only complete applications written in English can be accepted) the applicant receives a confirmation message.

6. There is a waiting period of at least 1 month after receipt of the complete application to get a decision.


To register, please fill in the digital application form.