This page is only for students that are intended to apply for scholarship.

It contains more information about the application procedure.


The Wouter Nolet Scholarship Fund (WNSF) supports the healthcare system in Sierra Leone by providing scholarships to financially disadvantaged students, enabling them to follow the advanced training of the following three NGO’s: CapaCare, German Doctors and Partners In Health.

WNSF operates completely independent, apart from the three NGO’s. It makes use of the services of CapaCare Sierra Leone to make payments to students and assist them with the feedback of study results.

Non-pin coded

Students, following these advanced trainings, must take care of their own personal costs. The costs of the training itself are covered by the NGO’s. Students, who have employment contracts in governmental hospitals (are pin-coded), are supposed to bear their own personal costs. However, students, who are not pin- coded, lack this income and will presumably have more difficulty to make their financial ends meet.


In addition to the basic allowance that these non pin-coded students receive from their NGO’s, WNSF aims to replenish this allowance to cover more specifically their personal costs. But the student should apply for it and his application needs to be approved.

Personal are considered to include: food, study materials, computer, communication and transport. Accomodation and school fees are carried by the NGO’s of the advanced trainings.

The amount of scholarship is valued at Sierra Leoonse leone (SLL) 500.000 per month. The scholarship applies to the entire period of the advanced training of 3 years. The allowances will be paid in monthly parts, directly to the bank account of the student.


The student, who has passed the entrance assesment of one of the advanced trainings (of CapaCare, German Doctors and Partners in Health), may apply for scholarship if he/she meets the following pre-conditions:

  • Not receiving a governmental salary (non-pin-coded)
  • Prepared to work after graduation in health care settings in rural areas in Sierra Leone during at least 3 years
  • Prepared to participate in research projects and ongoing data collection of the advanced training

An advantage will be to bring in some working experience in a relevant field of medical practice.

A special Selection Committee, consisting of old tropical doctors with working experience in Sierra Leone, will judge upon the application and give advice to the Board of the Wouter Nolet Scholarship Fund (WNSF) as to assign or reject the application. Selection criteria are among others motivation, clinical experience in surgery and obstetrics, interpersonal skills.

WNSF will communicate the outcome of the decision to the students. CapaCare Sierra Leone will handle the payments procedures. She is also involved in the Feedback process of the study results of the students.

Terms & Conditions

The sponsored student has to sign an Agreement with WNSF to adhere to some strict terms and conditions. For example, he/she declares that he/she is ware of the fact that WNSF has the right to stop the scholarship in case the student is involved in unprofessional behavior. Besides that, WNSF holds the student responsible for his/her study achievements and reserves the right to terminate the scholarship if the results are under average.

Application procedure, step by step

1. To start the application, the applicant should register first. Open this link to the Registration Form and fill out the questions of the form. After completion, save the form on your computer.

2. Open this link to the Terms & Conditions. Read the declarations carefully and, if you are prepared to abide by the declarations, put your (the applicant) first and last name as well as date at the bottum of the document. Save the document on your computer.

3. Start a new E-mail to with the subject ‘scholarship application’ and attach the Registration form and the Terms & Conditions. By submitting these two forms the applicant declares to have applied for scholarship and to have agreed to the Terms & Conditions of  the  scholarship.

We then take care of your official application.

4. In order to be able to assess your application we need to receive some more documents.

Motivation Letter (max 2MB)

Indication: describe your motivation for the advanced training, show why you need the extra money (you already get a basic allowance from the NGO) and why that is relevant to you. Illustrate your motivations with brief but specific examples. Add your references to it and the connection you have with them.

Curriculum Vitae (max 2MB)

At the very least, a Curriculum Vitae should include contact information, previous education, specific skills, work experience (if applicable) and references (name, telephone number) that we can check.

5. Start a new E-mail to with the subject ‘scholarship application’ and attach your Motivation Letter and Curriculum Vitae.

6. Upon receipt of these documents WNSF may ask additional information.

7. When your application file is complete (only complete applications written in English can be accepted) the applicant receives a confirmation E-mail that his/her application has been processed and submitted to the Selection Committee.

8. It takes about one month after receipt of your documents to make an admission decision. WNSF will communicate the decision to you by E-mail.