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Donations to Scholarship Fund

All donations are very much appreciated and help WNSF to increase surgical capacity at district hospitals in Sierra Leone

Making Payments

We welcome both single (one time, formfree) and periodic (five times, by contract) donations.

Payments can be made via Bank Transfer:

–  Account number: NL57 INGB 0007 9503 75

–  In the name of: Wouter Nolet Stichting

–  Remark: please fill in your email address to enable us to send you our thanks (for “@” use “at”).

Earmark of donation

Donations can be given without obligation or be earmarked for a specific purpose. For example, a donation of € 100 can be linked to “textbooks and materials” and € 2.000 can be linked to a full year total cost of living allowance. If you are interested to earmark your donation please let us know. 

# EUR Purpose
1 100 Textbook and materials
2 300 1 year travel allowance
3 700 1 year rent allowance
4 900 1 year tuition fee allowance
5 1.000 1 year food allowance
6 2.000 1 year total cost of living allowance
7 10.000 full coverage of 5 year student allowance


ANBI status

The Wouter Nolet Foundation (that the  Wouter Nolet Scholarship Fund operates) is a ‘Public Benefit Organization’ (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI)), which means that you can enjoy the fiscal advantages of the ‘Donation Law’ (Dutch: Geefwet).

One-time donations are income tax deductible as far as exceeding above a certian threshold.  There is a minimum and maximum amount you can claim on your income tax application.

Periodic donations for at least 5 years in a row are more attractive as the are fully deductible in your income tax application. The only formality is a standard ANBI agreement that can be drawn with the Wouter Nolet Foundation without a Notary deed.

In the private agreement both parties fill in their personal details as well as some specific data:

4b: Transaction number: unique number provided by WNSF administration

4c: RSIN number of Foundation: 862876436

More information can be found here. The standard ANBI agreement and fill in instruction can be downloaded from here.