The Wouter Nolet Scholarship Fund (WNSF) organizes annual charity events for donors to make their contributions.

2020 Running event

In March 2020 WNSF participated in the City Pier City (CPC) tour for the first time. The initiative to run together as a community came up spontaneously when a group of 30-40 tropical doctors and friends of Wouter expressed interest to do something together to the memory of Wouter. And what could be more obvious than to go running together as that was also one of Wouter’s favorite sports.

The Wouter Nolet Scholarship Fund (WNSF) picked up this interest and organized a group participation in the CPC. We opened up a special ‘Rennen voor Wout’ WhatsApp to become member of the running community. Those who had signed up could choose the distance they wanted to run. There was a common start per distance category: 5km, 10km, 15km, 21 km (half a marathon). Members of the community were recognizable by the ‘Rennen voor Wout’ T-shirts. The run is not a competition. Everybody runs at its own pace. The challenge is to finally cross the finish line within the speed limit for that distance. In 2020 the whole community finished at the Malieveld in time and some even improved their own personal record. Afterwards, all runners were invited at the family Nolet house and enjoyed drinks and food until late in the evening. It was big fun.

2021 Running event

In the beginning of 2021 the running team organized the run again as part of the CPC tour. About 80 enthusiastic runners responded to the call in the Whatsapp group. Radio Broadcasting West even selected the community to pay special attention to WNSF and create an item about it. At the same time, also at Masanga in Sierra Leone, where Wouter worked, the ‘Dr. Wouter run’ event was organized.

Unfortunately, the CPC run of March, 2021 was postponed by the Municipality of the Hague to September due to Corona measurements and was finally canceled for the same reason.


Virtual estafette

However, the WNSF team did not sit back and relax. They organized an online virtual Estafette run on Instagram starting on Sunday September 26. The team also introduced a charity: in a digital Flyer the runners were asked to invite their families and friends to donate to the common cause.  The idea behind the Estafette was: to run 3 km’s, tag 3 friends to pass on the relay baton, and donate €3 or a multiplier of that to the Scholarship Fund. Both a screenshot of the 3 km route (via Nike runner or Strava) is recorded as well as a selfie, in which 3 friends are tagged on 3 upright fingers that form the W of Wouter, is shared as story on Instagram.


This virtual Estafette was a great success. Over 50 runners put their selfies and/or films on Instagram. After 3 weeks the team still received beautiful pictures of tired running friends wearing the ‘Rennen voor Wout’ T-shirts. And the Scholarship Fund collected more than € 5.600, more than enough to support 2 new students who have already started the STP program. Interview films with these 2 students can be viewed using this links.

Sierra Leone Run