One of our major charity events is a running festival that is organized as part of the annual City-Pier-City tour in The Hague.

2020 Running event

In March 2020 WNF for the first time participated in the City-Pier-City (CPC) tour in The Hague. The initiative to run together as a community around the Wouter Nolet Foundation (WNF) was raised spontaneously when a group of 30-40 tropical doctors and friends of Wouter expressed interest to do something in memory of Wouter.

From that year on WNF organizes a group participation in the CPC tour in The Hague. A special ‘Rennen voor Wout’ WhatsApp forms a communication tool to keep everybody connected. During the tour the runners are recognizable by the ‘Rennen voor Wout’ T-shirts.

The run is not a competition. Everybody runs at its own pace. The challenge is to finally cross the finish line within the speed limit of the distance that the runner has chosen. Family and friends grant the request for charity by donating based on the performance of the runner.

After the tour, runners and supporters are cheered on at Greens restaurant in the Westbroek park. They meet with each other and enjoy the sportive atmosphere.


The events are organized by our social media team. More than 300 donors, including runners, family and friends granted our call for charity. They entrusted us new donations in the amount of EUR 22.500. This is an outstanding gift for which we are very thankful to all our loyal donors!

Interview films with these 2 students can be viewed using this links.

2022 Running Event

On Sunday September 25, 2022 WNF participated with a group of more than 55 runners in the City-Pier-City tour in The Hague.

The group showed up together at the start, wearing the blue ’Rennen voor Wout’ T-shirt. They run spread over three distances, with an encouraging audience along the side.

Afterwards, the runners were cheered on at Greens restaurant in the Westbroekpark. They met with family and friends and everyone enjoyed the sporty atmosphere.

Sierra Leone Run