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WNSF commits itself to financially support health care outreach projects in Sierra Leone.

Outreach projects

As a spin-off of its scholarship activities WNSF commits itself to financially support health care Outreach projects.  

These projects are focused on rural communities that often face multiple barriers in reaching the hospital, including poverty, lack of transport, poor infrastructure and sanitary conditions. Specific services provided include general and pregnancy related diagnostics, maternal care and minor surgical treatments. This is also an opportunity to convey crucial messages about when to seek medical care and general recommendations on hygiene, nutrition and health related behavior.


As training of health care workers is at the center of WNSF mission, this kind of services fits well with the education of our students who, in return, learn from Outreach projects and increase their understanding of rural health care challenges.

Rural health care will ultimately lead to greater prosperity for the communities and indirectly support their economies.


Organizing an effective Outreach program that has a sustainable long term impact requires careful planning. Our support provided to Outreach projects are therefore at the moment under investigation.

Part of the investigation is to explore new partnerships with local healthcare providers and/or community organizations.